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October 10, 2020 Update: Funds Distribution!!

All removal of entrance monuments have been completed. The final HOA Board is in the progress of distribution of the remaining funds. You will be contacted by Terry Linville to receive a check from the HOA. The final totals are outlined in the breakdown below. All remaining funds (total: $32,952.26) will be divided equally among all current lot owerss whose dues are up-to-date. All lot owners who have delinquent dues and/or outstanding monies owned, will have that amount applied to their account prior to the remaining funds being divided.

Thank you very much for your patience as we concluded these efforts.

Best Regards and Good Luck
The Final Bonney Lake Manor HOA Board

2019 Seal Coat Project : Starting August 27th

The following information is provided to you regarding a construction project that will begin on August 19, 2019. The areas that will be impacted by us will be worked on August 27th and August 29th. The City of Bonney Lake will be applying a seal coat to the following street locations within our community.

  • 111th St E, including the cul de sacs.
  • 109th St Ct E

All of this will be done on the west side of 192nd Ave E facing Fennel Ridge.

When seal coat is applied the City’s contractor Northwest Traffic, Inc. will need to prevent vehicles from driving on the street until the seal coat cures. During this time there will be designated areas for residents to park and Northwest Traffic, Inc. will provide that information the day of the seal coat application. Northwest Traffic, Inc. will also notify residents by door hanger twenty four hours before seal coating the street.

We will make every effort to complete this job in a timely manner and to minimize delays to your use of the street. Please drive slowly and avoid sharp turns on the fresh seal coat once the street has been reopened.

For project updates please visit the City of Bonney Lake website at



The 2nd quarter board meeting was called to order at 0813

All board members were in attendance. Homeowners Mike and Tammy Flores were in attendance as well.

Terry shared the financial report and it was approved.

The current state of the resolution was discussed. The board plans to do more doorbelling to ensure that all homes were notified, had a ballot and had the opportunity to make a vote.

The meeting concluded at 0921


A special resolution meeting of the Board was held to count ballots and document the total number of votes.

The meeting was called to order at 1839. All board members were present. Resolution 2019 passed with 62 YES votes, 20 NO votes and 9 ballots NOT RETURNED.

The board will continue with the resolution process as outlined in the Resolution 2019 document mailed out in the Spring Newsletter. There will be a final mail out at the conclusion of the resolution process. The website will remain active with updates of the progress.

The meeting concluded at 1912.

Warmest regards,
David Orriss, President Terry Linville, Vice President Wes Courtney, Secretary

Bonney Lake Manor HOA Board of Directors

Resolution 2019-01 – Resolution to Dissolve the Bonney Lake Manor Homeowners Association

Article 8 of the Articles of Incorporation of Bonney Lake Manor Homeowners Association

Dissolution.  The Association may be dissolved only upon a resolution duly adopted by the Board of Directors and the affirmative vote of members who are Owners of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the Lots. (It takes 61 affirmative votes to pass a resolution)

The Board of Directors have unanimously voted to duly adopt this resolution, and request that the Owners vote, to decide if the Bonney Lake Manor Homeowners Association shall be Dissolved.  

What this would mean if passed:

No more dues would be collected, and the funds in the accounts would be used for the Dissolution of the Association.

The signage at both the north and south entrances would be removed along with electric service and sprinkler controls at the southwest sign.  The existing landscaping would be removed if the homeowners of the affected lots requested it, and the easements would be landscaped to match as closely as feasible the surrounding area. The easements for signage on these lots would be vacated and the Owners would no longer be required to provide access to the easement.

  • The lawn care service would be terminated.
  • The attorney would be notified of the dissolution.
  • The website would be dismantled; the Facebook page may likely remain.
  • Each homeowner would receive the folder for correspondence for their lot. 
  • The insurance policy would be cancelled.
  • The Post Office Box would be vacated.
  • A final tax return would be filed for 2019 in 2020.

After the dissolution process is completed. All remaining funds would be divided equally among all Owners whose dues are current. Any owners who have delinquent dues and/or outstanding monies owed, would have that amount applied to their account prior to the remaining funds being divided. If any homeowner has a lien against their property for non-payment of dues, late fees, or fines to the HOA, it will be their responsibility to pay the costs to have the lien removed, if their share of the remaining funds do not cover these costs.

Official Ballots will be mailed out the week of May 13, 2019 and must be returned no later than June 15, 2019 to be counted.

If you have any questions, please contact the board at

Or you can call Terry Linville (206) 300-8018 between 4:00 pm and 8:30 pm weekdays, and between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on weekends.

UPDATE 6-20-2019 : Ballot collection is complete and votes have been tallied. Results will be mailed and posted here soon.

Mailbox Update!!

I’m sure you have all seen by now that yes the mailbox stands are being updated! Construction crews are coming out and getting to work right now!

  • Currently they have gone to each of the areas where a stand is and marked it with white paint where the new stand will be. Basically as a rectangle to show the area that the new one will fill.
  • The construction company will also be calling 811 to do the “call before you dig” check up to make sure nothing will be affected.
  • The board will be reviewing each location to make sure the new location/layout will be acceptable and inform them if we find otherwise.  If you see something or have questions be sure to contact us via hoaboard at or via the contact form at .
  • Right now you’ll notice that mailboxes have also been moved and set up the so that the carriers can still have access to them while they work.

If you have the previously Board-approved style of locking mailbox you will have to remove it from the old stand and relocate it to the new stand on your own.  These are bolted to the old stand from inside the box and the construction company will not be able to move it for you.

The new approved mailbox is the Oasis 360 from Architectural Mailboxes. You can order them from Lowe’s, but they are also a regularly stocked item.


The Oasis 360

Please be sure to share information with your neighbors and let them know what’s up. Thanks everyone for your patients and understanding.


Reminder: Parking

Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder for everyone in the neighborhood: We want to keep Bonney Lake Manor looking the best it can! Remember that parking here is for the exclusive use of the residents and homeowners of Bonney Lake Manor.

From the CC&Rs

Article VI, Section 6. Parking: Vehicles shall be parked only in appropriate parking spaces or designated areas. All parking shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the Board may adopt.

Student Parking from Bonney Lake High School is not permitted under the CC&Rs. Street parking is only permitted in specific circumstances (deliveries, parties, etc). Street parking creates congestion in the streets, and security and safety issues for the residents of Bonney Lake Manor. More than adequate parking is provided for students on the BLHS school grounds. In the past this hasn’t been an issue as BLHS administration and student body have respected the wishes of the surrounding neighborhoods not wishing to become auxiliary parking for the school.

We hope you will all understand and cooperate with the Board and your neighbors on this issue.  Nearby neighborhoods have started  specifically setting up permit parking and tow away zones, at the added expense to the homeowners, and we’d hate to have to resort to similar measures here.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

It’s Spring Clean Up Week courtesy of DM Disposal!

Week of April 17-21, 2017 – Free Pickup
April 22, 2017 – Shredding & Recycling Event

During Spring Clean Up Week the City’s solid waste company, DM Disposal, will pick up extra garbage, recycling and/or yard waste and one appliance at no additional charge for DM customers inside the city limits of Bonney Lake only. Does not include Murrey’s Disposal customers in unincorporated Pierce County.

In addition, a FREE SHREDDING and RECYCLING EVENT will be available on Saturday, April 22nd as part of Spring Clean Up Week, in conjunction with Parks Appreciation Day events. For more details click on the link below!


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