Sorry for the delay in getting these published…


  • Financial reviews from the Sept and Dec 2019 Board Meetings
  • Latest Information on the remaining efforts to dissolve the HOA
  • Information regarding the CC&Rs and community obligations
  • Stewardship of the domain ‘’

Thank you everyone for your patience while these matters are completed. Thank you to everyone in the community to voted. And thank you to those who supported us during the efforts of these last couple of years.

Special Note Regarding the CC&Rs and your ongoing responsibility as homeowners in Bonney Lake Manor

The CC&Rs are not being vacated. They are a contract and covenant with the City of Bonney Lake that was part of the agreement to create Bonney Lake Manor filed with the City of Bonney Lake and Pierce County. They are part of the legal documentation that facilitated approval of the permitting for Bonney Lake Manor to be created. While the governing enforcement body (the HOA Board) will no longer exist, those regulations will always be in place as long as these plats exist.

This means that, as homeowners everyone in this community is still expected to abide by all CC&Rs and architectural addendums (such as fence construction materials and location). You can still be civilly held accountable by the community to adhere to those. All a homeowner in the community would have to do is contact a real estate lawyer, file the paperwork and have you served for failure to comply. You would then have to appear before a judge and the judge can order you to comply. The lack of existence of the HOA does not preclude that from happening. As members of the community we still have a duty and an obligation to ourselves and our neighbors to make our community the best that it can be.