The final Board would like to give everyone an update on where we are with completion of dissolution.

Dissolution was completed at the end of 2019. The Bonney Lake Manor HOA CC&Rs were amended to remove the architectural review committee (ARC), the Board as a governing body and quit claim deeds were filed on lots 1, 36 and 74 giving that property back to the owners. The owners of those lots will be contacted directly with our plans for removal of the entrance monuments.

You can read the filing of the HOA Amendment here which became official as of 27, Dec 2019:

The following is a copy of the official transmittal to the state.

Here is the official filing of the quit-claim deed:

Remaining Work – Currently on Hold

There are three orders of business left to be completed by the board at this time (in this order):

  1. Removal of entrance monuments
  2. Permission letters for releasing of liens
  3. Distribution of remaining HOA funds after the above tasks have been completed

Unfortunately because of the COVID-19 outbreak further work is considered ‘non-essential’ by the Governor and we simply cannot get contractors to come out and either render estimates or begin work on removal of the monuments. As soon as we’re able to complete the first phase we will be quickly completing the remaining work.

Release of Liens

If a lien was filed against your property and/or a garnishment of wages for failure to pay dues to the Association you can expect the following to occur and be sent to you:

  • You will receive a letter giving you permission to file a release of the lien at your expense.
  • We will work with the attorneys to file a removal of any wage garnishments.
  • Due to the failure to pay dues and the legal fees incurred by the prior Board to collect, you will not be entitled to any distribution HOA funds.

Adherence to remaining CC&Rs

This was stated in a prior update, but it bears repeating: Please remember that while the governing body no longer will exist, the CC&Rs are not being completely vacated. They are a contract and covenant with the City of Bonney Lake that was part of the agreement to create Bonney Lake Manor filed with the City of Bonney Lake and Pierce County. They are part of the legal documentation that facilitated approval of the permitting for Bonney Lake Manor to be created. While the governing enforcement body (the HOA Board) will no longer exist, those regulations will always be in place as long as these plats exist.

This means that, as homeowners everyone in this community is still expected to abide by all CC&Rs and architectural addendums (such as fence construction materials and location). You can still be civilly held accountable by the community to adhere to those. All a homeowner in the community would have to do is contact a real estate lawyer, file the paperwork and have you served for failure to comply. You would then have to appear before a judge and the judge can order you to comply. The lack of existence of the HOA does not preclude that from happening. As members of the community we still have a duty and an obligation to ourselves and our neighbors to make our community the best that it can be.