The 2nd quarter board meeting was called to order at 0813

All board members were in attendance. Homeowners Mike and Tammy Flores were in attendance as well.

Terry shared the financial report and it was approved.

The current state of the resolution was discussed. The board plans to do more doorbelling to ensure that all homes were notified, had a ballot and had the opportunity to make a vote.

The meeting concluded at 0921


A special resolution meeting of the Board was held to count ballots and document the total number of votes.

The meeting was called to order at 1839. All board members were present. Resolution 2019 passed with 62 YES votes, 20 NO votes and 9 ballots NOT RETURNED.

The board will continue with the resolution process as outlined in the Resolution 2019 document mailed out in the Spring Newsletter. There will be a final mail out at the conclusion of the resolution process. The website will remain active with updates of the progress.

The meeting concluded at 1912.

Warmest regards,
David Orriss, President Terry Linville, Vice President Wes Courtney, Secretary

Bonney Lake Manor HOA Board of Directors HOABoard@BonneyLakeManor.com