The following information is provided to you regarding a construction project that will begin on August 19, 2019. The areas that will be impacted by us will be worked on August 27th and August 29th. The City of Bonney Lake will be applying a seal coat to the following street locations within our community.

  • 111th St E, including the cul de sacs.
  • 109th St Ct E

All of this will be done on the west side of 192nd Ave E facing Fennel Ridge.

When seal coat is applied the City’s contractor Northwest Traffic, Inc. will need to prevent vehicles from driving on the street until the seal coat cures. During this time there will be designated areas for residents to park and Northwest Traffic, Inc. will provide that information the day of the seal coat application. Northwest Traffic, Inc. will also notify residents by door hanger twenty four hours before seal coating the street.

We will make every effort to complete this job in a timely manner and to minimize delays to your use of the street. Please drive slowly and avoid sharp turns on the fresh seal coat once the street has been reopened.

For project updates please visit the City of Bonney Lake website at