I’m sure you have all seen by now that yes the mailbox stands are being updated! Construction crews are coming out and getting to work right now!

  • Currently they have gone to each of the areas where a stand is and marked it with white paint where the new stand will be. Basically as a rectangle to show the area that the new one will fill.
  • The construction company will also be calling 811 to do the “call before you dig” check up to make sure nothing will be affected.
  • The board will be reviewing each location to make sure the new location/layout will be acceptable and inform them if we find otherwise.  If you see something or have questions be sure to contact us via hoaboard at bonneylakemanor.com or via the contact form at https://www.bonneylakemanor.com/contact/ .
  • Right now you’ll notice that mailboxes have also been moved and set up the so that the carriers can still have access to them while they work.

If you have the previously Board-approved style of locking mailbox you will have to remove it from the old stand and relocate it to the new stand on your own.  These are bolted to the old stand from inside the box and the construction company will not be able to move it for you.

The new approved mailbox is the Oasis 360 from Architectural Mailboxes. You can order them from Lowe’s, but they are also a regularly stocked item.


The Oasis 360

Please be sure to share information with your neighbors and let them know what’s up. Thanks everyone for your patients and understanding.