Hello Everyone!

Just a reminder for everyone in the neighborhood: We want to keep Bonney Lake Manor looking the best it can! Remember that parking here is for the exclusive use of the residents and homeowners of Bonney Lake Manor.

From the CC&Rs

Article VI, Section 6. Parking: Vehicles shall be parked only in appropriate parking spaces or designated areas. All parking shall be subject to such rules and regulations as the Board may adopt.

Student Parking from Bonney Lake High School is not permitted under the CC&Rs. Street parking is only permitted in specific circumstances (deliveries, parties, etc). Street parking creates congestion in the streets, and security and safety issues for the residents of Bonney Lake Manor. More than adequate parking is provided for students on the BLHS school grounds. In the past this hasn’t been an issue as BLHS administration and student body have respected the wishes of the surrounding neighborhoods not wishing to become auxiliary parking for the school.

We hope you will all understand and cooperate with the Board and your neighbors on this issue.  Nearby neighborhoods have started  specifically setting up permit parking and tow away zones, at the added expense to the homeowners, and we’d hate to have to resort to similar measures here.  Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!